Digital, Strategy

Carrefour Belgium

Carrefour Belgium is part of the Carrefour Group, which is the second largest retailer in the world & the largest in Europe. Carrefour employs 365.000 people, is active in 36 countries and has more than 10.800 stores. Carrefour Group had a TO of +100,5billion in 2014.

As Head of Omnichannel-
To develop digital & omnichannel strategies and roadmaps, build relationships with key partners, create concepts and propositions, manage product development, coordinate go-to-market approach and drive the product enhancements.

Responsible for ensuring that the digital business services and solutions meet CRF’s needs, targeted profit margins are achieved or exceeded, business quality standards are fully adhered and this within agreed timeframe & budget.

This role is all about enablement, collaboration, initiative and influencing decisions to drive the team towards achieving our omnichannel business vision..

* Lead the Omnichannel strategy of Carrefour Belgium
* Omnichannel & Digital P&L + Forecasts
* Lead the Digital & Omnichannel projects & operations
* Offer an exceptional customer experience by measuring, testing and continuous improvement to any Carrefour Customer on any platform or channel or device.
* Re-organisation & set-up of digital team (incl. technical, content, digital marketing, product owner, scrum master teams)
* Guarantuee Carrefour’s digital health and ability
* Ensure a futureproof and future able Carrefour
* Guide Carrefour into a rich digital transformation that lifts the customer experience to new levels!